Mar 14, 2005

The life that ate my blog

"Focus, Daniel-san."
"Wax on. Wax off."
--The Karate Kid

Poor me, right? I've this well-paid day job that's kicking my ass, taking time from doing the all-important work of jotting down thoughts here. My extended family keeps asking to see me. And I've got a wonderful wife who for some strange reason wants to spend time with me, away from the computer, away from writing. Wow, I've got it rough.

I'm sure all the other smart and talented folks who blog out there have similar problems. Or worse. And yet, they keep at it, day after day. Jotting down a quick post or a long missive of interesting thoughts, observations, jokes and cartoons. The trick, I'm learning, is that you have to do it regularly, like exercise or personal hygiene.

So instead of writing about a topic that came to mind on the bus home involving a Roots lyric, Alain de Botton, Malcom Gladwell and Rakim, I'm going to exhort you to visit some or all of the links on my page. Really. Just click and read. You may not understand the context of what's going on there. I didn't at first and sometimes still don't. But it's worth it to visit every few days. I've learned so much in the past two months my head hurts.

One more thing: add your comments to posts you find interesting. Obviously, this hasn't caught on here at NonstopExpress. But I'm hopeful you'll take the plunge. Just add your opinion. If you're feeling crazy, add your real name. It can often take you to interesting places. This whole web thing is the mother of all conversations, and if you've got a box that's connected you're invited. (Yes, I admit it, I've been reading The Cluetrain, okay?)

Here are a few blogs I haven't added that I think are really good to frickin' fantastic:

Doc Searls
Evelyn Rodriquez
Cardboard Spaceship
English Cut


Anonymous said...

Dude-you must bring the blog to me. I cannot travel to the blog. We must investigate RSS and other technology to thrust the Tim Blog on the masses.

PS-what the hell is up with Natalie's employer re the blog stance? Is he on crack? Why is he trying to undermine all the hipster cred he's built up over the years?

Strange doings in Cupertino...

Tim Rickards said...

I'm going to do the RSS feed thing. Given my technological abilities it may take a few tries.

Question is, would anyone use it?

EVK4 said...

I think Anonymous would.