Mar 21, 2005

Mommy, can I have a branded experience, please?

This today from AdAge:


New Strategy Directly Challenges Yahoo's Lead Position
NEW YORK ( -- In a move that expands its potential for online branded entertainment deals, Microsoft Corp.'s MSN has renamed its custom-publishing division to the MSN branded entertainment experiences team, doubled its staff and increased its budget, according to the company.

"The Branded Experiences Team"? What the hell is that? The article goes on:
On the Madison & Vine front, Chief Media Officer Joanne Bradford said that while the group already handles a number of branded entertainment clients, it will now focus more on entertainment-type Web sites, instead of merely creating interactively rich online experiences for marketers.
"Advertisers are really trying to find another way to break through," Ms. Bradford said, and the division "will build experiences that integrate advertising and content."

This sounds depressingly familiar. We're the mice, the "branded entertainment" is the cheese, and the advertisers are the bastards in the white lab coats.

As my friend Doug L says: "Hey man, someone always ends up paying for the content."

Unless you're reading a blog, of course.

Full article here.

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