Apr 28, 2005

"Live from England...it's PDG!"

Fun podcast here from British agency PDG. David Coe and I have been emailing for awhile now. He's a riot. And a smart guy, too.

In this cast, he and Alex (I believe)Dave Wilson discuss the wonders of RSS for internal comms, the important of user experiences, Tom Peters, MSoft/Scoble, 4G marketing strategies and the UK election. (Whew!) I also get a mention for coining the phrase "podcats," cool guys who podcast.

Actually, it's the 4G thing that got me into contact with David in the first place. And now as a double bonus, I get the cool accents and funky British swear words.

By the way, don't forget to vote for PDG in Podcast Alley.


EVK4 said...

Your profile say you are "Another person with too many thoughts and not enough time." that's the point of a blog, you put down little bits of those thoughts every day and they don't build up and build up inside of you until you explode in a thought conflagration. Seriously, you haven't blogged since last month.

Tim Rickards said...

My brain is constantly in a state of overload. And sometimes I don't have the discipline to settle down and let some of those thoughts come out in an organized fashion. Maybe I should just "blog-barf" once in a while.