Apr 5, 2005

There's a wonderful world outside of Paris.

Looking to go to France and experience the "real thing"?

Don't want to be put off by grizzled, jaded tourism vets who look at you like a walking wallet?

Still a little foggy on the whole subjunctive thing?

Want to enjoy fresh baked bread as the sweetest yellow lab in the world rests her head on your lap and looks lovingly into your eyes?

Then, do yourself a huge favor, and go here.


Hamish said...

Quite agree. I live in Geneva, and work a lot in Paris, and Bruxelles, but rural France, the Perigord, Provence, even the Ardeche, are all much more interesting than the main cities. If you speak the lingo, then the locals are more than willing to chat, and in many cases the trick is getting them to shut up.

In general if you are looking for nice accomodations that are perhaps a bit off the beaten track, then the http://www.guidesdecharme.com/ offers a lot of places, that when I have stayed in them, have almost without exception been very good. (One exception was a hotel that was basically part of a golf course, but I put that down to user error on the "not noticing the intense golf related bits.")

Tim Rickards said...

Thanks, Hamish. I'll forward the link.

I spent two years living in France and have many friends over there. While Paris is a wonderful, wonderful place, my dream trip to the Hexagone would be to rent a car and just drive around the countryside. It's amazing what you can find with a little time and faith in road signs.

And if you're in the area, stop by Chateau de Jonvilliers. It's only about an hour from Paris, and I think you and Rich would have tons to talk about.

EVK4 said...

Mon dieux, that place looks amazing. I'll stay there next time I'm in the area!