Apr 15, 2005

Watch out! The lab mice now hold the remote.

Traditional advertisers take it in the shorts again as data shows that people really don't want to watch commercials.

Lost ad revenues are estimated to reach $27 billion over five years. Not a huge percentage of total, I think, but a sizeable warning shot.

Yet another sign of what should have been painfully obvious at least two years ago: Old School Big Media is done.

Many smart bloggers have been talking about this for quite some time. And The Cluetrain laid it all down six years ago. If you're still working for a living, no matter what you do, take the time to read this book...twice.

Advertising and marketing people spend so much time blowing their own horns, it's easy to dismiss the noise as just that. Don't let yourself fall into that trap. The way we go about selling has profoundly changed. And the people in my generation are much less interested in being sold.

Stay tuned. This should get really interesting in the next year or so.

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