May 13, 2005

The start of Long-Tail advertising? Or just a way around Washington's current morality play?

Amazing how fast stuff moves these days. Now a well-known podcast, The Dawn and Drew Show, has a sponsor/advertiser of sorts, Durex condoms.

Evidently, Durex chose the podcast medium to avoid FCC decency problems, which says just as much about the screwed up nature of that agency as it does about the viability and power of podcasting.

It's interesting b/c although the "reach" will be small the cost is no doubt low. And Durex is simply providing products to be reviewed instead of ads or scripts. Seems like a good way to find a small, relevant audience.

Personally, I haven't yet set aside the time to set up a podcatcher and listen to many casts. Between TiVo, all the damn blogs, the New Yorker, Harper's, various business rags/books and my pre-existing music collection, I already have too much crap to sift through.

Still, I'll be checking it out pretty soon. What we all need is the uberaggregator, one that learns our likes and interests over time. Hmm, maybe Tivo for RSS feeds?

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