Jun 29, 2005

Watch what you say but mind what you do.

"Je boxe avec les mots..."

"Occasionnellement pourtant mon bic se bat avec l'art subtil du prose combat..."
--Mc Solaar

"J'ai mis les mots au tapin pour la sensation au trottoir des syllabes, prostitué la diction."

"Got a freaky, freaky, freaky-freaky flow...control the mic like Fidel Castro."

Mister Coe over at PDFPDG posted this comment to my last post:
I think it's just a phase that you hit sometimes - you need to work through the pain...
It's all just words - and they are perhaps the most overvalued of communication, philosophical, religious, political etc. etc. devices. I think that there's a real place for corporate blagging, podcats and wookies - we're just too far ahead of the curve still...

I think he may have hit on something really important here marketing-wise aside from the usual Zen-tinged wisdom lurking behind most of his utterings: We're so damn obsessed with our words we forget that most everything counts for more.

Customer experience is key. The delicious smell of new electronics when you open the box. The smile you receive when you enter a restaurant. The fact that when a company says they give a shit they really prove it by walking the talk, by following through after you've plunked down your 100 samoleons and become a customer.

There's a wise saying that relates to most spiritual endeavors:
You can't think your way into right action. You must act your way into right thinking.

Actions speak louder than words. It's the problem with most advertising and PR. It's the disconnect between blogs and the real world.

Yeah, words can lead to actions of the best and worst sort, but if words are all you've got...well then you're missing more than half of the equation.


davidcoe... said...

"Zen-tinged wisdom" or Taoist muppet nonsense? let the people decide...

I moved my blog to www.davidcoe.com/blog a while ago and I just noticed your link pointing to the old blogspot address.

Advertising is bollocks...

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