Feb 28, 2007

Berk! Nothing tastes worse than stale blog.

Sorry to any and all who've visited these past 10 days or so.

I've been up to my neck in work-work and personal work outside the Internet. (Shocking, I know, but there is life in the real world after all.)

Anyway, here's a great site someone at work introduced to me: tiny gigantic.

I usually don't have time to read many blogs. Conversely, my list of ones I'd like to read has grown. But none except tiny gigantic has quite hit the sweet spot between creative, planning, brand wonkiness and bratiness that I've been looking for.

And they've flipped me to some cool stuff, like my new favorite T-shirt and a fascinating short film by Charles and Ray Eames.

I took a business trip to NYC last week via JetBlue, so I should have a post about that experience coming soon.

Oh, and one other thing. Several people from my past have contacted me out of the ether thanks to this blog. It's a great thing to reconnect like that, so if you and I knew each other way back then, please don't hesitate to say hi. I'd love to hear from you.


EVK4 said...

a picture of you in that t-shirt would be an appropriate addition to the blog. not that i'm into stuff like that or anything, but really, how about a picture?

EVK4 said...

Berk! Great word. With a little seasoning it might replace my current favorite, Ack!.

Josh said...

hey tim,
thanks for the plug. i like yer blog too!

EVK4 said...

it actually gets funnier the longer that "stale blog" post stays at the top of the page.

Clovis said...

Greetings from the ether! Nina and I are going to be in Paris together in May and I was going to wait until then so we could contact you together, but since I've been meaning to for a while anyway I decided not to wait. I'm living in England at the moment, until August.

I'm actually running out the door now (mother in law visiting), so I'll be back in touch. My email is

Can't wait to catch up.

xoxox Benj Elwood

Anonymous said...

Make that elwo0008@umn.edu