May 29, 2007

Like a lazy susan of web flotsam.

Here's another interesting facet of Tumblr. Called Radar, it shows a collection of the latest items posted to tumblelogs worldwide.

Kinda like a mental snapshot. Much shorter than blog entries. But I think you can extrapolate just as much from these crumbs than from longer more journalistic pieces.

The smallest creative partum in action. Or at least a fun way to spend five minutes between meetings and catchphrases.

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texasgurl said...

Hey, You Dawg, you, I've been waiting to compose the perfect reply to this most recent amazing news of your impending fatherhood. But I don't have much kid-free time and my internet connection here is crap. So, suffice to say that you Dawgs (all 4 of you) deserve the absolute perfection of it. Your words about the ups and downs of pregnancy with the incomparable Mrs. Dawg also illustrate what a fantasticly supportive and understanding husband you are. I miss you guys so much. Calling Nat soon--did you know that Ollie turns 4 tomorrow? Time flies, believe it.