Aug 24, 2007

It's not just a matter of laziness.

Yes, the old blog has gone a bit fallow again. Work, family and exercise have all taken greater amounts of time. And, I freely admit, I'm a super-skilled procrastinator when it comes to writing.

But lots has been going on. I attended my first Likemind in July. The Twitter experiment has been sputtering along. I've been posting things of interest to my Tumblelog--I find it so much easier than posting to the blog. Which falls in with all the latest talk about "micromedia" etc.

And I have some new thoughts on "engagement" to be blogged about soon. (My friend Ambi down in Buenos Aires posted a comment that forces me to respond...just like when we worked together.)

If you're looking for some brain food, check out this presentation made by Mark Lewis. There's some definitely wonky stuff in there, and like all presentations you really need people talking to make it work best, but I think he's on to some very important shifts in how brands need to communicate.

Also, an earlier post discusses the liquid nature of communication, an idea that really fits with my "information is water" schtick.

Why would this be interesting or important if you're not a communications person? Because, man, that's how ideas and information get transmitted, and that's how things move in our world.


Stacy said...

dude, I miss talking to you. I just got back from the pub with a friend I made. Brendhan emailed me, isn't that sweet?

when are you bringing NatD and the babies to London?

Stacy said...

p.s., did I mention I just got back from the pub?

EVK4 said...

You really should have ended your blog with this post from February:

Berk! Nothing tastes worse than stale blog.

Tim Rickards said...

Stacy, I miss you, too.

Edward, sugar works better than salt.