Sep 6, 2009

Web goodies: Monocle, Instapaper and Quirky

Interesting finds from this week:

Wondering about the nature of what you do for money? Become a member of Fora.TV and hear what Alain de Botton has to say.

I spent 30 minutes at Monocle and barely scratched the surface. Amazing. Check out this bit on a new shop called The School of Life. (Thank you Poppa L.)

Instapaper may help solve the whole "too many bookmarks, too many computers" problem by just taking the bookmark out of the equation (Thank you, Noah Brier...via Twitter, no less!)

If you've ever wanted to become an inventor but were too afraid to take the leap, or if you think you'd be a product development genius but don't work for Ideo, head to Quirky. It only costs $99 to submit an idea. Giving prod dev and naming feedback is free. (Thank you, Rob Walker.)

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