Apr 22, 2005

Adobe hops on the corporate BS train

Here's a funny, plain-spoken and probably quite accurate translation of the PR garbage that Adobe put out to announce the recent merger with Macromedia.

Once again, clear language trumps corporate BS. Only problem is, clear language requires that you tell the truth, and obviously, AdobeMacro didn't want to do that, probably because they don't want to admit they just purchased the market or that they intend to drive up the stock price by "streamlining".

As to what this means for the folk who use the software, all I can say is the real competition benefits the customer, real competition benefits the customer...

SIDE NOTE: Both my dad and uncle served in the Air Force during Vietnam. Upon receiving an email with the above press release, my uncle responded that it reminded him of the press conferences coming out of Saigon during the war...a whole lot of doubletalk that required real translation. Funny how things stay the same.

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