Apr 19, 2005

Hey, who farted?

UPDATE: Where are my manners? This link from the smart folks over at Adrants.

I'm a loyal Mitchum deodorant user. Have been for years. But this new web site makes me think they're a bunch of wankers, like the married guys who troll online personals looking for "hot chicks".

Evidently, being a guy and using their product requires some specific requirements, and they've created the site to explain all the details.

In a really neato Flash intro, they also provide a pop quiz to see if you qualify:

If you didn't plan your own wedding.

If "ménage a trois" is the only French you know.

If your only real fear is commitment.

If "they" look real enough to you. (I leave you to figure out what "they" means...)

Oh, and I forgot, you have to bowl and golf.

You can just see some Marketing Meat Puppet presenting how they need to attract a younger demographic. Sure, it makes sense, but don't go about it in the most fake, cliché way possible. Especially when it has nothing to do with your product.

Want to go "20's and 30's" and sell deodorant? Show me fun ways I can get stinky. Take me to interesting countries. Show me something can I make. Better yet, show me why it's so important that I stay unstinky and how Mitchum can help. And if fake boobs fit in logically, okay, then go for it if you have to.

Larger question: Are today's younger men so confused about their identities that they'll fall for this sorry-ass sludge?


EVK4 said...

Who can blame them for not wanting metrosexual money? Maybe the MSes will start a campaign similar to "queer money" where they stamp the bills to show how large their demographic is. Something like M$?

Tim Rickards said...

I think Mitchum will take any type of cash they can...metro, homo or hetero. This is just a clumsy, inauthentic way of trying to get a certain slice of the pie.

As for "metrosexuals" identifying themselves as such, I'll just say that's not exactly a name one wears like a favorite ball team. That's like having "dual income no kids" pride or "empty nester" pride. I guess you'd have "spend too much on nautical gear" pride?

EVK4 said...

I wear my foul weather gear label side out.