Apr 19, 2005

GM's Highway to Hell.

This seems like really, really dumb idea.

GM's going to add their logo on cars from other divisions, like Chevy, Saab and Caddy.

Another case of head-in-the-sand thinking, misplaced faith in the power of brands and "umbrella-brand" theory.

Better to focus the GM line and differentiate it even more from the others. Hell, have them actively compete.

No response yet on GMs executive blog. I wonder if they'll pick up the thread.

Anyway, I can just hear the internal discussion that preceded this stellar move:

"We've spend $9 Gazillion on this brand. It must be worth something."

"Ok. Let's confuse people even more. And give our other divisions a marketing problem"

Sad. The U.S. auto industry really needs a turnaround about now.

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