May 27, 2005

So THAT'S how they do it!

Holy crap. Here I've been struggling to keep my measly four unique visitors a day, all the while teeming with jealousy over those so-called "A-Listers" who pump out great posts one after another.

Little did I know that they've been cheating by using AutoBlogger.

Damn them! Damn them all!


EVK4 said...

heh heh, switcher ads...i love those.

Anonymous said...

4 uniques, Huh? A Day. That's just boasting as far I'm concerned.

Cardboard Spaceship, where IHT stories come to die.

Tim Rickards said...


The Spaceship's got good juju. It just needs more people who want to read somethng and then say, "Damn, why didn't I think of that?"

I am the master of the Internet said...

Ufo? yup, I agree.. check