Jun 1, 2005

Our Gross Domestic Bullshit Product keeps on growing

I wish I had a Postmodernism Generator back in college. It would have helped appease my lit profs and saved me some sleepless nights.

I'm sure the Wacky Left and the Idiot Right have these as well. Just go to some of the edge political blogs for proof.

Today, some overlycaffeinated guy in the comments of this post on Buzzmachine called France a "nation of backstabbing whores". Yeah, sure, they're irritating at times and crappy at large scale military campaigns, but really now.

Speaking of whores, lately, I've taken to watching the O'Reilly Report while I sweat my ass off on the elliptic. He must have an enormous bullshit machine--no way one single man could generate all that himself.

For some fun O'Reilly Antispin®, visit Newshounds.
(Thanks to Chris for the link.)


Richard Thompson said...

I liked the generator. I can remember reading stuff like that. A high-brow version of bullshit bingo.

EVK4 said...

you're getting called out for lack of posts...see this is what happens when you write about important vs. interesting things. interesting things happen daily but it's hard to tell if something is important until like 5-6 days later. By then, too late; it was covered over at gawker or something.

Tim Rickards said...


The purpose of comments is to ACTUALLY say something about the post.

That said, yes it's hard to post regularly and keep things interesting and timely. Just ask Hamish over at Cardboard Spaceship.