Dec 28, 2005

And Merry Christmas to you, too, Citibank

Gosh, I just love the smell of Spam in the morning. Check out what I arrived in my email box on December 25, 2005:

Let CitiMortgage make your holiday planning a bit easier this year with great options to pay for your holiday expenses and important home ownership information.

Whether you'’re traveling or staying in town this holiday season,– your home will be waiting.

In this issue of eNews...(It continues in the same vein for several paragraphs, but I'll spare you that)

So, what's so special about this?

The timing, dude, the timing. Not only was it a national holiday, it was a Sunday.* That's like the marketing no-no double-whammy.

And the content. I just refied with them a few months ago, so why would I want a new mortgage?** Stupid. And as one who has written emails like this, a big waste of many people's professional time.

Plus, this just fits right in with my general impression of Citibank--that of a rather rapacious company hiding behind a very clever, ultimately dishonest ad campaign.*** If I didn't like them before, I sure don't now.

Gotta remember to do the walk the walk/talk the talk thing. Otherwise you end up looking like that buddy you had in high school who asked your ex-girlfriend out on a date before you'd stopped moping and listening to Cure songs.

(*Leaving the whole religious signficance thing aside for a moment. Sunday is still generally considered the one day of the week where you get to do very little and don't receive any junk mail.)

(**Not by choice, I might add. My loan originator sold the mortgage off.)

(***Okay, okay, this is a rather unresearched claim. But tell me, does it not ring true for you?)


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