Feb 8, 2006

A blog is like a Chia Pet.

As you can see, I haven't posted much the last six months. It's gotten so bad a close friend literally crapped on my blog. Another one compared Nonstop Express to Studio 54, but without the drugs, celebrities and wanton sex.

What can I say? They're right. Other things have become more important and time consuming. And I must admit that the advertising/marketing focus that developed for this blog often stymies me; that stuff isn't really so interesting compared to the millions of other things I'm unqualified to write about, and I create/analyze advertising/marketing for a living.

Whatever. I'm going to post more, if only to continue my scolding of Citibank. And maybe, just maybe, people will start to visit again.


Anonymous said...

Back off buster...I own a couple dozen shares of C. If you take them down, I take you down, capiche?

EVK4 said...

here's something you can blog about...corporations doing blog searches for their products through google. I had a hit today from The Clorox Company searching for clorox references. I'm sure they were psyched to read about the clorox bottle floating in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Tim Rickards said...

"Anomyous" is obviously an overstressed, caffeine-gulping, outside-shooting, Lake-Tahoe-circomnavigating fellow we all know and love.

There are several companies that specialize in searching and managing a company's presence in the "blogsphere". I suppose it's a pretty good gig, especially since there are no hard, fast rules and no one has really been able to quantify how blogs really work.

I think Intelliseek is one of those companies.

Were I in charge of a company, or even the marketing part of one, I'd do three things yesterday: 1) Start searching blogs for my company's name, products, etc. 2) Start a blog myself and 3) Encourage employees to blog, both internally and externally. And, oh yeah, I'd assign a team to research what people are saying about the markets I think I'd like to create next.

Anonymous said...

Dude-I do not own Citibank. Wasn't me.


davidcoe... said...

Bit of a co-incidence there. I thought to myself - "I wonder if Tim's still not posting on his blog?"
...and you've started again - cool!

You still haven't updated the link to my blog though! it's www.davidcoe.com/blog