Aug 30, 2009

"Enough about me. Let's talk about nothing." Why Twitter is bumming me out.

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I removed the "Follow My Twitter Updates" widget from the right column of this blog. For starters, I haven't posted anything to Twitter in almost a year. (I just can't bring myself to say "tweets" BTW--it sounds so, well, stupid). And the more I see of what actually gets communicated, the more I think it's a waste of time from a macro perspective.

For example, I was pretty damn shocked when I read the aggregate feed of a very disco-looking, well-staffed "social enterprise" consultancy; not only did they seem overly self-obsessed with their constanting posting on a Saturday, but I found only ONE relatively useful piece of information hiding in a whole page of blahblahblah. One. And this from a group of ubersmart people who will guide large enterprises into a new phase of doing business...or at least they'll try to help large enterprises figure out what to do now that the top's been ripped off of our collective Pandora's Box.

This blog provides a place for me to collect and communicate stuff I'd roughly categorize as professional, and so you really don't need to know if the dry cleaner broke a button on my favorite dress shirt, or if I want to say "thanks" to @GlibHandle for something about which you know nothing. Unless, of course, if that broken butten or somethingaboutwhichyouknow nothing pulled the lever in the Pachinko Machine that is my brain and something useful tumbled out.

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