Aug 29, 2009

Pfffft, pffffft, is this thing on?

I'll save you an explanation of my blogging silence. Those who know me have come to expect it.

Anyway, I found a spare moment a few days ago and stumbled over to Russell Davies. What a gem. The man just plain buries you in fascinating things. Who knew about:

An interesting woman who lives in London named Meg Pickard?

The photographer Jon Cherry?

Matt Webb's presentation at a conference called Reboot, during which he talks about the value of doing something for 100 hours?

Summary of which from Mr. Webb as quoted by Mr Davies:
Because when you contribute, when you participate in culture, when you're no longer solving problems, but inventing culture itself, that is when life starts getting interesting.
And since I actually try to follow the Getting Things Done system, I naturally love the idea of inbox zero.

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