Mar 24, 2010

A primer for all product design from a supposedly passe industry.

Adrian von Hooydonk, BMWs design director, discussing the new 5 series Gran Turismo.

Replace BMW and cars with any other product or service category, and you have a succinct list of guidelines for today's world.

Marketing is more about story telling, because Life has become more about experiences than collecting objects or things.

People are treating themselves in more private, internal ways.

A vehicle that encourages social interactions and provides luxury...without screaming it.

Storytelling and narrative a bigger part of the marketing for all BMW models.

People like to surround themselves with distinct, individual choices.

Speed of change is greater in Asia, and it deserves greater focus.

Despite the global reach of the brand, the BMW customer is motivated by the same core desires and values.

Regarding global competition, you're only as good as your last product or design. But reaching BMW's level of expertise and quality takes many years. Heritage of quality is a key ingredient.

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