Jul 21, 2012

We will try this yet again.

I've been thinking these past few months about putting together a business-related blog or tumblr, a place that would force me to take the pinball machine of ideas out of my head and put it down on paper (so to speak). While charting out this effort, I noticed an assumption that I needed something "new" to get started, that this old blog was insufficiently populated with interesting thoughts, dated in its design, and just not cool enough for what I had in mind.

That all may be true, but I also recognized a familiar thought pattern: let us imagine perfection rather than move forward with what we have. A mentor of mine puts it this way: "Better to be directionally correct vs. precisely wrong."

So the goal here is to, on a regular basis, describe seemingly random connections, share (supposedly) interesting impressions, and piece together patterns...relating in some way to communications, products, marketing, and anything else that catches my attention. I make no promises about quality or quantity, but I'm positive that if you come repeatedly, something interesting will pop up.

Oh, and yes, I'll install some sort of spam filter for the comments...viagra and mail-order brides indeed.

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